Saturday, June 03, 2006

The Wolf is at the Door.

Canadians had a rude awakening this morning. In a joint statement, the RCMP and CSIS announced the arrest of 12 adults and 5 minors in a terrorism raid. Apparently, the brain trust that made up this group ordered 3 tonnes of ammonium nitrate (commonly used to create explosives).

While CSIS and the RCMP took great pains to advise that no one group should be held accountable for the actions of the few, I will tell my fellow Muslim Canadians that the time is here when we will have to choose what side we are on. There is no more time to "wait and see" or sit on the fence because we are in Canada and we are safe. The wolf is quite literally at the door.

As Canadians, it is our job to help protect this country in anyway we can. That includes informing the local law enforcement authorities of any and all suspicious activity we spot among our community members. This is not the betrayal that some of you will call it. The key thing to remember about terrorists is that they are not fighting for anything but a consolidation of their own power as evidenced by the infighting that often goes on in terror groups. These people forsake their families, their lives and yes, even their religions for terror. They have a twisted sense of right and wrong and deserve no quarter. Community and family ties DO NOT count in this game. Human lives do. Terrorists don't ask the nationality of every person in the targets they strike. They just strike and kill as many as they can. When one commits a crime involving terrorism, all of us pay dearly. It is bad enough we are loathed the world over as murderers and terrorists, we don't need it here at home too.

The wolf is at the door folks, time to choose sides. Me personally, I choose Canada every time.


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