Friday, May 05, 2006

Not Gone and Not Forgotten

In a move designed strictly to remind the Lebanese that they still exist, Syria has issued warrants summoning MP's Walid Jumblatt and Marwan Hamade to stand trial before a military tribunal in Syria for "inciting against Syria". A warrant has also been issued for Journalist Fares Khashan. This move is purely a muscle flex by an increasingly isolated Syrian regime. When your best friend is Iran and it's not-so-normal leader Ahmedinjad, you know you are in trouble.

It is in fact quite surprising that it took them this long to make a move. Bashar Al Assad while known for being fairly intelligent is not a political strategist of any merit. Had he been even remotely intelligent in political matters, Hariri would not be dead and Syria would still have an "open" presence in Lebanon. As it stands, they only have spies in the Presidential Palace and in the pro-Syrian block as well as in the rank and file of Lebanon's less patriotic citizens. For those of us who believe in a free and secular Lebanon, these people are the worst sorts of traitors. They are looked upon with scorn and derision.

For the Syrians to make this type of move in the game of international cat and mouse only signifies the pressure the Assad regime must be feeling. Here's hoping they crack under the pressure and soon.


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