Sunday, February 12, 2006

Where is Bin Laden?

Where is Bin Laden? Where is that supposed defender of Islam? Where is the man who supposedly loves his religion so much he adheres to the strictest interpretations of it? Is he hiding in a cave somewhere? Is he dead? Who cares. One day without him is like 10 in paradise.

For a man who supposedly is devout and devoted to Islam, he has been strangely silent about the whole cartoon mess. For a man who supposedly kills Westerners because they "make war on Islam", he is conspicuous in his absence. Bin Laden's continued silence proves what all moderate Muslims have been saying about him all along. He is no Muslim and he is certainly only interested in consolidating his own power base.

This man single handedly destroyed the image of Islam. Now we need to destroy him and his organization. This is the man who has caused us to be spat upon and vilified. This man should be stoned to death in the old fashioned way of punishing a heretic. It would give me the greatest pleasure to be the one to cast the first stone.

All Muslims should be turning their attention away from the ridiculous issue of the cartoons and to the more pressing issue of convincing whoever is hiding Bin Laden to turn him in. Boycotts are enough for cartoons, even death is too merciful for Bin Laden.

Where is Bin Laden? Someone out there knows.

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