Sunday, July 02, 2006

In mythology, there is a creature called the Hydra, a snake like creature with many heads. In reality, we call this snake Al Qaeda.

Since 9/11 (an event that has besmirched the name of Islam) all manner of terror has been wrought in the name of God. Here’s a question: do any of those committing these hideous acts really believe they are doing the work of God? After careful consideration, I would have to say NO. Emphatically, unequivocally no. These people are out for power and money. The same as the very “crusaders” they say they are going after.

Were they truly interested in the path of God; they would not be blowing up innocent civilians no matter where those civilians may be. All over the world, civilians are paying the highest of prices for their war-mongering governments. There are very few countries that have not been touched in one way or another by terrorism and we in Canada are no exception.
In Palestine and Israel both, civilians are dying by the dozens. To be sure, the causalities are much higher on the Palestinian side but we cannot in good conscience negate the deaths of civilians on the other side. During the civil war in Lebanon, civilians paid the price while the warmongers got rich off of our blood. In Egypt, terrorists kill civilians and call it political practice. In Afghanistan, the loathsome Taliban have taken to killing schoolgirls for wanting to learn (I guess they missed the part of the Quran that exhorts education for all). In Iraq, more civilians are killed on a daily basis than the servicemen and women in the Army.

Now that great thorn in our side Bin Laden has seen fit to impart his infinite stupidity on the Sunni Umma by calling for the deaths of Shi’ites. Just what kind of Muslim is this man supposed to be? Exactly what twisted form of Islam is this embodiment of evil preaching to Muslims? This is not a man we should be looking at as a great statesman or warrior. He is in fact the lowest of the low. When he preaches that Sunnis should kill Shi’ites, he is preaching murder most foul. When he preaches that we should be killing people who live in the West and not by Islam, he is still preaching murder most foul. In fact, every time he opens his nasty mouth and says anything, he is preaching and advocating the taking of lives. This man who hides in a cave, cut off from civilization is preaching the murder of the unarmed and that makes him a coward. What kind of person advocates the murder of civilians and revels in the deaths of thousands?

The death toll in Iraq has easily reached into the hundred thousand mark and yet he still advocates more blood? What sane rational person advocates these things? What manner of man can sleep at night after telling Sunnis to murder Shi’ites only because their beliefs differ marginally to ours?

To top it all off, he called Abu Musab Al Zarqawi “ a lion of holy war”. What holy war is he speaking of? The one where innocent civilians die? What exactly does he think is so great about Zarqawi? What does he think makes him a “lion”? His cowardice in targeting innocent civilians? His surefire method of inciting sectarian tensions and murders no matter where he went? His method of disguise (hiding under a Chador)? His disgusting beginnings as a thief and rapist in Jordan? Is that what a lion is? No, that is what a coward is. Zarqawi was a thief and rapist to start, and a murderer in the end. If Zarqawi was so interested in stopping the “crusaders” (someone please buy these people a thesaurus, that word is getting old), he would not have been busy planning suicide bombs on Husseiniyahs and crowded marketplaces. If Bin Laden et al were truly so interested in furthering Islam, they would be advocating the education of our young regardless of gender so that we can compete in an increasingly competitive marketplace. He would be advocating equality in Arab countries so that we could work on eradicating child poverty and take back our world from the warlords and dictators.
Instead, he is advocating murder and mayhem which only sets back Islam hundreds of years. Every single person he brainwashes has the potential to be a doctor, lawyer, engineer, politician, anything. By brainwashing these people into committing a murder, not only is he killing innocent civilians, he is killing our future. These young people that he convinces to strap on a bomb and murder others are so full of life and potential until he gets at them. He takes the young, the disenfranchised and capitalizes on their festering anger. Instead of giving them scholarships from his many millions, he sends them to death with the stain of murder on their souls.

Bin Laden is not a warrior. He is the furthest thing from it. He is not our new Salaheddine, he is a coward who hides in some scummy little cave and video tapes messages in an attempt to stay relevant. It is widely known that Bin Laden and Zawahiri both did not approve of the methods Zarqawi used in Iraq for strictly PR reasons. In one of several intercepted messages, they tell him that killing civilians is going to turn public opinion against them and he should avoid it. No care for human life there, just a need to spin the PR so that it works for and not against them.
The next time any of you think that Bin Laden et al may even have the slightest bit of justification in his evil work, remember that when a terrorist blows up a building, car or marketplace, they do not ask for ID first to ascertain the origin of the victims in that place. They don’t ask, they just kill. They don’t do it for God, they do it for the power and the glory. God has nothing to do with it. Ego does.


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