Sunday, June 05, 2005

Murder... Syrian Style

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Below is a chronology of some of the major political assassinations in Lebanon over the last three decades. All of these people at one time or another had dealings with the Syrians. As soon as they outlived their usefulness or disagreed with something the Syrian dictatorship did, they were murdered and others were blamed. Well, we know who the real murderers are. Hopefully Hafez Al Assad is burning in hell with his son soon to join him.

March 1977 - Druze leader Kamal Jumblatt is killed in an ambush in his Shouf mountain fiefdom in central Lebanon.

June 1978 - Tony Franjiya, son of former president Sulaiman Franjiya, is assassinated in raid by Christian militia rivals at his home in Ehden, north Lebanon.

September 1982 - Bashir Gimayil, elected president, is killed before taking office by a bomb allegedly planted by a pro-Syrian Christian.

June 1987 - Lebanon's veteran prime minister Rashid Karami is killed by a bomb in an army helicopter in Tripoli. Karami was serving his ninth term as prime minister in a 37-year career.

May 1989 - Grand Mufti Shaikh Hasan Khalid, religious head of Lebanon's Sunni community, is killed by a car bomb in Beirut. The blast killed 22 people and wounded 80.

November 1989 - President Rene Muawad is killed in a huge bomb explosion in Beirut. Muawad had only recently been elected.

October 1990 – Armed men kill Dany Chamoun, chairman of the National Liberal Party and former Christian militia leader.

January 2002 - Elie Hubaika, former minister and leader of a Christian militia is killed in Beirut.

Feb 2005 - Huge car bomb kills Lebanon's former prime minister Rafiq al-Hariri on Beirut's waterfront.

June 2005 - Car bomb blows up Samir Qassir: Husband, Father, Journalist, Patriot.


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Elie Hubaika? Syrian assassination??

You obviously have no clue what you're talking about.

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