Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Me Thinks The Muslims Doth Protest Too Much.......

In a move that should not have surprised anyone, Pope Benedict made a speech that offended Muslims. Why this would cause even a ripple in the Muslim world is beyond my understanding. The man is not known as God’s Rottweiler for his sterling manners and tolerance of other faiths.

What bothers me are not the Pope’s remarks; one after all need only consider the source and it makes the remarks meaningless. What truly does bother me is the reaction of Muslims around the world. Are these people so weak in their faith that remarks quoted from some long dead Emperor can stir in them such a tizzy? Are the protests done out of faith or out of guilt because perhaps these “true believers” are not such believers after all?
In an age where Muslims are killing Muslims with regularity and impunity, I am quite sure one can find something better to protest than remarks made by a doddering old man who is not even all that popular among his own church. We have Bin Laden et al inciting otherwise normal people and turning them into homicidal maniacs. We have several “wanna-be” Al Qaeda’s springing up around the globe and causing untold mayhem. These people are not exactly asking for passports and religious beliefs before they kill. They just kill whoever happens to have the bad luck to be there when they are. Do you find this acceptable?

In Iraq (thanks to the “Coalition of the Willing”), sectarian violence is out of control. Areas that are mainly Sunni are being purged of Shi’ites and vice versa. Those who choose to stay and not leave the neighbourhoods where they have lived and raised families are being slaughtered in sectarian warfare reminiscent of the civil war in Lebanon but on a much larger scale. In Darfur, Muslims are killing other Muslims over watering rights.

All over the Arab world, we have Muslims killing each other over the stupidest things. Bin Laden et al advocate the killing of everyone who does not follow the same strain of Islam he does. We somehow find time to work up outrage over the Pope or some stupid cartoons yet we cannot seem to find the outrage over the things that matter. Our Ummah is imploding and destroying itself from within.

The next time you start to feel outraged over someone who has made a thoughtless remark about Islam or drawn a pathetically bad cartoon; think about all the atrocities in the Muslim world being perpetrated by Muslims against Muslims. Think about the dictatorships repressing and oppressing us in our own world and try to work up some righteous outrage over that.