Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Investigations Abound

From Cnn: Assad said Syria is prepared to give Mehlis everything he needs but warned against using the probe for political purposes -- a clear hint at the possibility of implicating Syria in the killing.
"We have an interest in the investigation, because we are convinced that we will be given a clean slate -- if the results are not falsified for political reasons," Assad was quoted as saying in an interview with the German magazine Der Spiegel last month. "Syria had nothing to do with this murder, absolutely nothing."

Sure, I will believe Syria had nothing to do with it when pigs fly.

It was and is a well known fact that Bashar Al Assad and the late Rafik Al Hariri were having major disputes stemming from Assad's insistence on renewing Lahoud's term in direct contravention of the Lebanese constitution. The Syrians knew Hariri was no longer under their thumb and they thought a show of power (by blowing him up) would serve as a reminder of who is boss. To say the least, it backfired. What it did do was force the Syrian Army out leaving only intelligence ghosts behind. They too will go soon enough. Sooner or later, the Lebanese populace will rise up and when they do, all of the people who allied themselves with Syria had better move there. They would be better off there as they will be known as traitors to their own country.

Syria has a long history of assassinating people who disagree with it's policies in the region. Rafik Al Hariri was the latest in a long line. Kamal Jumblatt was another greatly admired man who they killed. It is long past the time when the Syrian government gets their hand slapped and I for one will be glad to see Assad jr. with egg on his arrogant, smug little face.


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